Zero Mile 1600 Dual Port Engine

Local pickup only. Price is installed. Comes with free 200 mile tune-up. 12-Month/12,000 Mile Warranty. See list below for new parts used in building this engine.

New VW Brazil factory magnesium case

New factory German standard size stock crankshaft

New German rods, checked for race spec balancing.

New Kolbenschmidt main bearings

New Kolbenschmidt rod bearings

New Clevite brand camshaft bearings

New stock metal push rod tubes

New Erling complete engine gasket kit

New Rear main Erling seal

New Brazil brand dished stock camshaft

New Brazil brand lifters.

New Brazil made stock adjustment screws

New 85.5mm AA stock bore kit.

New Berg enterprises wrist pin internal clips

New OEM brand, cylinder heads with .060inch step

New German brand stock oil pump and serviced German oil pump cover

New Denmark stock muffler. New German brand exhaust gaskets and  clamps

New Beru coil and wire set. New NGK plugs. New 009 Distributor.

New EMPI brand 34mm carburetor with cleaned German oil bath air cleaner.

New F and S brand clutch parts. New Mexico made stock flywheel.

New VW Brazil gland nut.

New Mexico made blower fan.

New Stainless Steel alternator strap.

New alternator pulley. 

New Gates USA brand fan belt.. 

New Mexico made front sheet metal pieces.

New Brazil brand fuel pump.

New Mexico brand intake boot kits.

New Brazil oil screen.

New German brand crankcase vent hose.

All new German timing gears on the crankshaft.